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Routine service and maintenance can help to maximize the lifespan of your garage door. You’ll get the most out of it, without racking up repair costs that are ultimately outweighed by the purchase of a new garage door – a prospect that routinely exceeds one thousand dollars in total costs, and which can involve your garage being out of commission for a full day while the door is installed. Routine garage door service can help with all of the following issues.

  • Prevent warping or twisting of the tracks, warping of the connection points between the door and the rollers, and out-of-place or warped connection points between the track itself and the interior of your garage. The slightest piece out of place can cause your garage door to become sluggish or to “stick” at certain points, often unpredictably.
  • Is it due to the weather? Sometimes a maintenance problem is chalked up to changes in temperature, or to weather conditions, and the inconvenienced homeowner doesn’t give it another thought. Some of these problems may actually be the result of a physical issue with your garage door, or with some part of its overall system. Routine garage door service can prevent this kind of problem from cropping up and minimize the impact of the environment.
  • Unique or unusual garage doors may require additional service that is beyond the scope of most local companies. With affiliated offices all over the country, Valley Wide Garage Door draws upon a wide range of experience and expert know-how to tackle the issues inherent to various construction methods, installation methods, and materials.

What to Know About Professional Garage Door Service

Broken Garage DoorThere are a number of factors to bear in mind when you’re choosing to go with a garage door service team. Garage door service isn’t quite the same as other forms of repair; it often deals with the fixing and prevention of “invisible” problems – issues which are based on little snags or hangups that aren’t evident to casual inspection. Unfortunately, this does make the field vulnerable to those who would unscrupulously take advantage of their clients with fictional issues.

  • Read the online reviews of whatever company you’re choosing the work with. One of the most frequent complaints is that a company leaves its clients hanging for days without a working garage door. If that’s the case, you’ll want to move on. Valley Wide Garage Door offers prompt repair work – which is all the more important if your only vehicle is stuck inside of your garage.
  • At Valley Wide Garage Door, if our fix doesn’t resolve the problem, it’s on us. You don’t pay for work that isn’t needed. At the same time, we believe in being forthright: whatever issue you may be having, we will present what we are doing – and why each step needs to be taken – clearly and upfront. That way, there is absolute transparency throughout the process. Our staff of experienced professionals will walk you through everything that we’re doing, before and as we do it; you’ll never be out of the loop at any point during the process.

Where to Go for Garage Door Service In Phoenix?

At Valley Wide Garage Door, our trained service professionals offer more than twenty years of collective experience. Individually, our team boasts full licensing, certification, and insurance, as well as years of experience prior to joining the Valley Wide network. Our garage door service is completely guaranteed; we’ll get your garage door back in proper working order in as little time as possible, and we’re always available for prompt, on-site service. Our team members work transparently; they will keep you in the loop while fixing your garage door, going over each step in advance, and explaining exactly what the problem is, what is needed to fix it, and why.

More Information is Available

Our courteous and professional office staff is on hand 24/7, ready to answer any questions that you might have – or to get somebody out to your location right away. We know you don’t want to be stuck waiting with a garage door that’s in need of servicing. Call us today for a free quote. If you have any questions about the work that your door may require, visit our contact page, and use our handy online form to submit your query (you may request a free quote through here, as well). A knowledgeable and professional member of our expert staff will respond to you with the needed information as soon as possible.

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