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At Valley Wide Garage Door of Phoenix, we understand that a busted garage door is no fun at all. Depending upon the degree of damage involved, a garage door in need of repair can range from being clunky and inconvenient to operate to being completely unusable. This is a serious problem, for a number of different reasons – some of which tend to be overlooked by many homeowners.

  • You bought a house with a garage – or had one built. Either way, the garage represents a significant investment. You want your garage to be functional and useful – which it isn’t, if you can’t even get the door open. This precludes its use for storing a vehicle entirely, and traps any vehicle which happens to be inside of your garage when the door is broken.
  • Your garage represents a significant portion of your property value. A damaged garage door is measurably impacting the value of your house – both directly, and in terms of “curb appeal.” Curb appeal is the very real impact on the value of your property based upon how it looks at a glance, from the curb. A damaged garage door is a highly visible issue.
  • If your garage door is physically damaged, it negatively impacts the appearance of your property. A heavily damaged garage door is an eyesore, an annoyance to yourself and to your neighbors. In many modern communities, such as those with homeowners’ associations, it can represent a violation of community bylaws.

Why Spend Money on Garage Door Repair?

Repair Man Fixing Garage DoorSalespeople will often pull the same line: “it would cost so much money to fix this, you’re better off just buying a new one.” Few people ever stop to think about just how heavily this plays into the salesperson’s hands. These are people who make a living based upon commission; it’s not that they’re all fundamentally dishonest, but they have a vested interest in convincing you to buy their product… as opposed to sticking with the one you already have.

A physically damaged garage door is usually not the result of a failure of the door itself. Most often, damage to garage doors is the result of an accidental impact, typically from a vehicle. This isn’t a result of product failure, which will be prevented through a complete replacement. Meanwhile, garage door repair services are surprisingly affordable. It isn’t as expensive to fix a dented garage door as it would be to repair an equivalent dent on the body of a car.

How often have you heard the line, “it would cost you more than two hundred dollars to fix this appliance; you’d be better off buying a new one” when a new model might cost four, six, or even eight hundred dollars? Salespeople have an amazing talent for casually glossing over what are, for the average homeowner, significant personal expenditures. If the new model of an appliance costs $400, and a repair can be done for $200 – making everything as good as new – doesn’t it make sense have your current item repaired, whatever it may be?

Where to Go for Garage Door Repair Service in Phoenix?

At Valley Wide Garage Door, we know garage doors. It may sound hard to believe, but we’re honestly interested in them – and we feel your pain when they don’t work as intended. Garages are an important and useful part of the house for work, storage, and any number of other functions, and a garage door ought to offer convenient access. At the same time, it ought to present an appearance that sustains the overall value and aesthetics of your home.

Valley Wide Garage Door offers a professional and courteous staff, with more than thirty cumulative years of experience at working with garage door repair. We know that the appearance of your house is important to you, which is why somebody from our expert staff is on hand 24/7 to take your call and ensure that your needs are met. We’ll take care of you quickly, courteously, and professionally, and we’ll get someone out to your home as fast as possible. Call us today, and we can have somebody come out and provide a free estimate as to how much your repair job will cost.

What if I Want More Information?

If you don’t feel that your work constitutes an emergency, but you’d still like to have somebody take a look at it at some point, you are more than welcome to call us and schedule a future work evaluation… absolutely free! Or, visit our contact page at, and fill out our convenient online form requesting more information. A member of our fully licensed, certified and insured staff will get back to you as soon as possible with the information you’ve requested.

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