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Valley Wide Garage Door provides quality maintenance services for your modern garage door. The garage door is a part of a complicated and delicately balanced system; this includes wheels and tracks which can easily become warped, as well as proximity sensors which must be properly aligned. There are a variety of reasons as to why your garage door may require routine maintenance.

  • Environmental conditions, as per a climate which experiences broad temperature swings between day and night, or from one season to the next. These can cause the shape of many materials, even modern composites, to subtly twist and warp over time. This will usually not be evident to a visual inspection, but it can make a garage door sluggish to operate, or cause it to become periodically stuck.
  • A minor accident or other collision, which appears to cause little to no physical damage to your garage door, may in fact warp it out of shape at various weak points in its design – such as where the rollers are attached. In this case, you’ve got a garage door which is visibly in perfect shape, with which you’ve not had a chronic problem in the past, that simply refuses to operate smoothly for no apparent reason.
  • As with any mechanical or electrical system, the simple operation of that system as intended causes cumulative stress effects over time. The effects can be similar to those of a minor accident leaving no physical damage that you can see – except that they creep up on you gradually over time. Here again, your garage door simply refuses to operate as necessary.

Garage Door Maintenance ProfessionalA salesperson may take advantage of this situation, and tell you that your garage door needs fixing. We say differently. Some routine garage door maintenance can fix these types of minor issues. It is entirely possible that the experts at Valley Wide Garage Door will even be able to delay or prevent the recurrence of some of these problems, by better aligning your garage door with its track or its sensors. We can also reinforce the points where your door connects with its rollers.

Why Spend Money on Garage Door Maintenance?

It’s easy to look at a problem that is inexplicable – that is, one which has no evident cause, and which isn’t based on anything you can see – and arrive at the conclusion that whatever it is you’re looking at is “broken” or “busted.” This may in fact be the case. Not every problem can be conveniently fixed for less than the cost of buying a replacement – but many can, and these are often overlooked thanks to a variety of factors. Some simple garage door maintenance may keep your existing garage door in serviceable condition for years to come. With replacement costing anywhere from five hundred dollars to two thousand or more, wouldn’t you rather get every day out of your current garage door that it potentially has to offer?

Where to Go for Garage Door Maintenance in Phoenix?

We understand garage door maintenance. It may not exactly be rocket science, but there are still multiple disciplines involved in the installation and repair of garage doors – including electrical work, proximity sensor placement, and basic principles of engineering. In addition, manhandling a large garage door is simply not as easy as it sounds. The fully certified and insured professionals at Valley Wide Garage Door have five to ten years of experience each at working with garage doors. We can perform a wide range of services quickly and efficiently, from physical repairs to that routine garage door maintenance, ensuring that your current garage door remains in working order for as long as possible.

Where May I Find More Information?

If you’re not convinced yet, give the Valley Wide Garage Door offices a call. Our friendly and professional office staff will be able to answer all of your questions – or, they can put you in touch with someone who will, generally one of our professional garage door maintenance and repair workers. They will be able to explain anything you need explained, and you will also be provided with a free evaluation and a quote on the work you may need done. You may also visit our website, and fill out our convenient contact form for additional information. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible, with the answers to any questions you might have. You may use the contact form to request a free quote as well; please understand that we may ask you for photographs of certain parts of your garage door. Sometimes a problem can be diagnosed without having to arrange for an on-site evaluation, and we can offer you a quote for its repair upfront.

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