Garage Door Installation

Often, many problems with a typical garage door can be repaired – or prevented through routine maintenance. Sometimes, however, you find yourself in need of a new garage door. There can be a number of perfectly valid reasons for this.

  • A door might be too badly damaged to repair. It is certainly possible that the cost of a repair may in fact exceed that of the purchase of a functional new garage door, at which point you will need to have the door professionally installed – to ensure that you don’t end up having to buy another new door in the near future.
  • You might be engaging in home renovations, or perhaps landscaping, and your existing door doesn’t fit your property’s new appearance. If this is more than the simple matter of a paint job, you will need to have a new garage door installed to match your home’s desired new look and “feel.”
  • Highly customized and unique garage doors may be expensive or otherwise impractical to repair. Such doors are more likely to need replacing if they are damaged, and are also prone to requiring replacement in the event of relatively minor modifications to your house’s outward appearance.
  • Initial installation of a garage door is required in the event of a new garage being constructed. Maybe you’re building a new house, or constructing a garage as an addition to an existing structure. In either case, somebody is going to need to install your new garage door.

Garage Door Installer in PhoenixUltimately, it’s entirely up to you as to whether or not a garage door requires replacement, or if you are more interested in attempting a repair. In the event of a replacement, however, we strongly suggest that you rely upon the services of the highly trained staff at Valley Wide Garage Door. A professional can finish an installation job in four hours or fewer, whereas the average homeowner requires ten to twelve hours to install a garage door without prior experience.

Need to Know: Garage Door Installation

There are several reasons why you should not attempt to install your own garage door, even if you are an otherwise experienced contractor or maintenance expert. The installation of a garage door can be surprisingly complicated, and it involves input from specialized aspects of several different professional disciplines.

  • Garage doors are large, different to manage, and can be surprisingly heavy. Their lightness once they have been maneuvered properly onto their track is deceptive; a garage door is not easy to handle. If a garage door is improperly positioned on its track, it can cause the track to warp and twist over time, leading to the door becoming frequently stuck – and, eventually, to cumulative damage. This kind of damage will require extensive repair work, and can amount to an expensive work order before your garage door becomes usable again.
  • The installation of a modern, powered garage door involves the installation of electric wiring, a power supply, and an electric motor. It also involves the installation of precisely balanced sensors. These constitute a safety device, which is meant to stop the door’s descent in such an instance as when there is something in the way. This could be a finely balanced tool, a box of something fragile, a family pet, or a small child. These and other aspects of garage door installation should be handled by professionals. The installation process itself can be dangerous, as can the consequences of a motor or a sensor being improperly installed.

Where to Go for Garage Door Installation?

For more than ten years, Valley Wide Garage Door has been meeting the garage door installation needs of both local and regional customers. Clients throughout the greater area offer ample testimony as to a long track record of prompt service, professional expertise, and lasting customer satisfaction. Our team members have a combined garage door installation experience of almost thirty years. Each individual is fully licensed, certified, and insured, with regard to the work at hand. Moreover, we offer a full variety of in-house garage door maintenance and repair services. Our installation work takes common maintenance problems into account. We are able to install our doors with the prevention of common issues, such as poor track and sensor alignment, in mind.

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