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For more than ten years, Valley Wide Garage Door has been in business, carefully assembling our national network of trained and experienced associates. We offer quality garage door service in Phoenix, carried out by friendly and courteous professionals, at affordable rates – and all with the support of a highly qualified office staff. Our administrative team is standing by 24/7, ready to answer any questions that you might have. A free quote is a mouse-click or a phone call away: don’t consign your damaged garage door to the junkyard just yet! Our method of operation is completely transparent: homeowners will never be left in the dark as to what’s going on. Our professional team operates safely, quickly, and efficiently, and you’ll know what they’re doing at every point in the process – as well as why they’re doing it.

Confidence is key. You need to be comfortable entrusting your work to professionals. Comfort means you’ve been kept in the loop; discomfort means you don’t know what’s going on, and can’t be certain that everything which needs to happen is happening. At Valley Wide Garage Door, we only employ the services of highly trained and experienced staff. The person working on your garage door has been in the field for years, and is fully licensed, certified, and insured – in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations. We take pride in exceeding standards wherever we can, to assure you of the highest quality of work.

Take a look at our four major service areas. Each of the following services covers a different aspect of garage door repair and maintenance. We can install a new garage door for you, as well as ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently for years. Feel free to browse the following links for more information, before giving us a call today to handle your every garage door need.

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Garage Door Repair

Garage doors can become hopelessly jammed and inoperable in the event of significant physical damage. This is typically the result of a minor car accident involving the garage door itself. Many homeowners do not realize how fixable much of this damage is; for example, it’s often far more affordable than popping the dents out of the bumper of your automobile. A salesperson will likely tell you that you need a new door. Before delegating your garage door to “total loss” and looking up the costs and the inconvenience involved in finding a replacement, consider having a garage door repair Phoenix professional take a look at it. You’ll have a free quote in hand to compare to the cost of replacement, which can range between five hundred and two thousand dollars.





Garage Door Installation

Most estimates suggest that the installation of a new garage door will take the average homeowner between eight and twelve hours, and still end up costing them hundreds of dollars. Meanwhile, your garage is out of service until you’re finished with the work. Having someone who is familiar with the setup, the electrical systems, and the sensors involved in a modern garage door can reduce the time required to as little as four hours. Having this work done by a garage door installation professional in Phoenix will also serve to avert a variety of common mistakes and problems – issues which can lead to your new garage door quickly becoming stuck or inoperable, requiring additional maintenance and servicing.


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Garage Door Maintenance

Routine maintenance on your garage door can help to fix small problems with the track, the electrical system, or the connection points between the door and its rollers. These are common focal points for issues that can cause a garage door to operate sluggishly or unreliably. They may be chalked up to the weather, or to changes in environmental conditions between seasons; such things do have an effect, but more often than not they simply serve to exacerbate existing problems. You’ll be amazed at how smoothly your garage door will operate with a few quick fixes, and our courteous and professional garage door maintenance Phoenix staff will keep you in the loop at every step.

Garage Door Service

Garage door service is often required to fix to problems with some of the more intricate aspects of the overall garage door system, including the motor and the proximity sensors. If the motor isn’t working properly, your garage door won’t work properly, and the safety sensors must be in proper working order to avert potentially dangerous situations involving small children and animals. Modern safety features, while absolutely necessary, can lead to “hiccups” which trigger these features unnecessarily – or prevent them from working at all. Such issues are most commonly the result of a door that has been installed without experienced professional oversight, but long-term exposure to the elements within a seasonal environment can shift small parts out of line in subtle ways. Often, a quick fix of these intricately balanced systems can restore full functionality to an improperly working garage door in virtually no time at all.

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Valley Wide Garage Door offers a nationally distributed network of professional service contractors and technicians – people who know their stuff. They are willing to take you through every step of the process involved in fixing and maintaining your garage door, so you don’t ever have to lose sleep over wondering whether or not you’ll be able to get your car out in time to go to work in the morning.

At our central office, our courteous and professional administrative team consists of staff members who are intimately familiar with how the professionals in the field work… and if they can’t answer your questions, they’ll put you in touch with someone who can, quickly and directly. Give Valley Wide Garage Door a call today; ask for a free quote and work evaluation. The entire process is absolutely, 100% transparent; call now, or visit the company website at We offer a simple and easy to complete online form, to which one of our trained and expert staff will respond as quickly as possible. Use it to request a free quote, or to ask any questions that you might have. We’re standing by, ready to assist you 24/7 with all of your garage door repair, installation, maintenance, and service needs.


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